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Even though we are back to face to face meetings now for Beavers, Cubs and Scouts there are still loads of things that we learnt about during the pandemic that you can do when you are at home. This page is a bank of resources for things for young people to do when they are at home.

Have a look at what everyone else has been up to on our Twitter Feed.

Remember to talk to an adult about what you’re doing so that you can stay safe – and make sure you follow the government advice to keep everyone else safe too.

Don’t forget, you don’t have to be a Scout to have a go at these activities. They are great for anyone young (or old) who is stuck at home!

Things to do at home

Websites with lots of ideas

There are 100s of activities on the Scouts website that you can work on at home – it also tells you how long they take, where they can be done, which section they are best for and which badges they count towards.

There’s also lots of activity ideas on this website that you might like to try from Paw Print Family.

The National Trust has a list of 50 things to do before you are 11 3/4. If you ask me, they are still great things to do until you are 111 3/4!


Why “knot” challenge yourself to learn one new knot every week and practice it every day? Animated knots is a really good website with clear instructions to follow and information on what the knots are useful for.


Online Scout Manager have made some new functionality called Badges at Home which you can use to upload evidence when you’ve completed a section of your badge. Please use this to provide evidence for any badges you are doing at home by logging in to the parent portal in OSM
Skills Challenge – have a look at the Skills challenge badge – there are lots of things you can do at home like painting a picture or making a card – why don’t you try this and then post it to a family member who might be feeling lonely to cheer them up. There are also some things you can do to be really helpful at home, like making your bed and tidying up!
Book Reader – read 6 books, design a cover for your favourite book, make a bookmark and show you know how to look after books.
Digital Citizen stage 1 – choose something that interests you and use the internet to research it, and then design a presentation (on a computer or on paper) to tell other people what you have found out.  
Communicator – now is a really good time to practice communicating with people who don’t live with you by text, email or video call.
Entertainer – practice and perform a play, song or story to your family. Or you could video it to share with people you don’t live with – this would also count towards the Digital Citizen
Skills Challenge – the skills challenge badge has lots of activities you can do at home – take some photos of you doing them – we’d love to see what you get up to!
Writer – You have to complete 4 of the listed activities, but they include:
Keep a diary – Why not keep a diary for the period you are off school documenting what you are doing to keep busy
Write a letter –  At this time of isolation there are lots of elderly people who are living on their own or in care homes with no visitors allowed. Why not write them a letter to tell them about you, what you like doing and how you are keeping busy in the current situation. If you would like to do this and don’t know of any elderly people, let us know and we will arrange a suitable person.
Artist Activity Badge – If you’re feeling creative why not have a look at this
Digital Maker – If you have a look here there is lots of information about the Digital Maker badge requirements and activities you can do to complete them. It’s mainly aimed at leaders planning activities for Troop nights but most of the activities are things you could do by yourself at home and send to us.
Need More?There are some documents in the downloads area at the bottom of this page which give you more ideas for badges that you can be getting on with at home.

Things to do online

A recommendation from Amelia – this website allows you to virtually visit the landmarks and national parks of Wyoming so you can travel across the world from your own home and learn all about these amazing landmarks.
The BBC have all their live lessons saved online here – why not have a look at the 500 words live lesson for the Scout’s writer badge or the Blue Planet or other science lessons for the Naturalist or Scientist badges.BeaversExperiment, World Challenge
CubsScientist, Naturalist
ScoutsScientist, Naturalist
Take a virtual tour of the Houses of Parliament and learn about Women in Parliament.Cubs
ScoutsWorld Challenge
Have a look around National Museum of the US Airforce – see if you can find different aircraft to learn about for the Air Activities badge – then practice making paper aeroplanes and have races with your familyAll Sections Air Activities Badge
A selection of activities from the RNLI including colouring templates of their awesome life boats and lots of resources for learning about safety near water.BeaversSafety, Creative
Ordanance Survey’s Mapzone is full of lots of lessons and games to help you keep your navigation up to scratch.All sectionsNavigator
Fancy contributing to weather research and data for the Met Office? They are looking for people to help digitalise lots of historical rainfall data.ScoutsMeterologist
Here is a navigation puzzle to keep your skills up to scratch. Watch out though, it’s quite hard!All sectionsNavigator
Cirque du Soleil 60minute specials of their show on YouTube All Sections
Learn Together Cambridgeshire have put together lots of Home Learning resources that you can access from their website.All Sections
Recommendation from Corrine – Virtual tours and field trips: Interactive Historical Virtual Reality Field Trips and Virtual Tours of Amazing Architecture Around the WorldAll Sections
Missing Maps – Putting the world’s vulnerable communities on the map. Missing maps in an online community project using Open Street Map to help create maps for areas where humanitarian organisations are trying to meet the needs of the local people.Scouts

Practical Things to do

Workshop Skills – if your parents have a few tools for DIY why not get them to teach you how to use them and make something out of whatever you can find. Need some guidance? Here is a link to a good series of videos on Need some guidance? Here is a link to a good series of videos on YouTube teaching workshop skills.
Shelter Building – Get our in the garden and build yourself a shelter using the materials you can find. Here is a video to help give you some ideas.


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