First Taster Session

On the damp Tuesday 28th of June the first taster session for the New Papworth Scout Troop took place at 7:30pm, all the elements were there 15 enthusiastic young people,supporting adult volunteers, activities, a flag and two tents. Without a permanent venue Papworth Scouts are putting the “out” back in Scout, meeting outside on the Village Green and putting up tents in the event of wet weather. The new Scouts had a chance to try several different activities and games  and one said “we did fun activities tonight, like learning knots with strawberry shoelaces, first aid, building towers with pasta and marshmallows. I am looking forward to next week as it was fun tonight”.

If you are aged 10½ to 14 and missed out on the first taster session – there are two more chances to come and have a go on 5th and 12th July, again at 7:30 on the Village Green. If you are younger or older please sign-up here and we will be in touch about taster sessions for Beavers and Cubs in the autumn term.

For most Scout troops the biggest challenge is finding adult leaders, but Papworth have been lucky to already find several enthusiastic volunteers – the biggest challenge they face now is finding a regular meeting place with a permanent roof by the autumn. Scouting changes lives for ever so if you know of a building or a venue we could use please let us know.”